CEG Marie Curie Fellow 2015-2017: Amir Tabakovic

Ready to start 2 Marie Curie years at the section of Materials & Environment, Amir will conduct research in development of the self healing technology for the asphalt pavement design. “The process will involve an intensive training programme provided to me by prof. Schlangen and TU Delft Microlab staff”.

Amir chose TU Delft as his destination first of all because of the world class expertise with Prof. Erik Schlangen (PI) and the Microlab. Also, the high scores of the University on several international rankings were key in his decision. Furthermore, for practical reasons Delft seems perfect: Because of the close proximity to Dublin, he can travel to his family on weekends.

Amir’s best suggestion to future Marie Curie applicants would be to start planning as early as possible. This will allow the necessary time for application reviews by the PI and the Valorisation Department of TU Delft. The procedure can not be taken lightly and it would be best to obstacles to overcome together, providing that there is time… The first time around, Amir’s proposal failed. Together with Prof. Erik Schlangen he decided to reapply. The process covered almost 3 months to get it right the way they wanted it.

“Looking back, it was extremely valuable that  we met in person to discuss the application strategy and process. Skype or Email would allow the same but the face to face meeting really ensures commitment of both sides”.