Film& photography


Images play a very important role within the corporate design. To use images as effectively as possible, we prefer to work with a small number of large photographs, rather than several small photographs. Photographs are placed in their entirely, with bleed where possible. We do not use composite photographs, i.e. a number of different images combined in a single image. Covers of brochures always feature a single image.


To ensure that TU Delft videos have a uniform appearance and that it is clear where they are from, templates have been developed for intros, outros and names. An intro may take 2 – 3 seconds before the video starts. An outro may take longer, and offer space for extra information. As the film appears behind the titles, an animation template has been developed for various software packages. Templates have been developed for Windows Moviemaker, iMovie, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, allowing text to be adjusted easily. The flame may not be used separately, except for in intros to videos.


Danielle Brinkhuis

Dominique Meijer