The TU Delft logo is an important recognizable element of the corporate identity. Rules apply to the use of the logo.

  • Preferred logo: Black with blue ā€˜Uā€™ (1)
  • Preferred logo: white reverse on a colored or photographic background. (2)
  • The logo can be used with a descriptor if it is not immediately clear for the target group that TU Delft is a University. (3)
  • To allow the logo to stand out to its full potential, the minimum free space around the word mark has been established by means of a bounding box. No other image or style elements may occur within the bounding box. (4)
  • Faculties, services and institutes can use a variant of the logo with their name. This logo can be requested via mediasolutions@tudelft.nl (5)
  • The logo should be placed in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Developing or having your own logo is not allowed.

DISCLAIMER: The logo may not be modified, copied or changed in any way.

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