The options

  1. Preferred logo: black on a white or pale-coloured background.
  2. Preferred logo: white reverse on a coloured or photographic background.
  3. Logo for use in corporate design set (letterhead/business card, etc.) or in combination with black text on a white background (comparable to/interchangeable with use of the colour band).
  4. The logo can be used with a descriptor if it is not immediately clear for the target group that TU Delft is a university.
  • The logo may never be adjusted, recreated or changed in any way, and must always be used in its entirety.
  • No new logos may be developed without express permission from the Executive Board.
  • A set of A formats is available (to be used for flyers/posters) featuring a logo in the correct position.
  • The logo should preferably be placed in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • The flame may not be used separately, except for in the intro to a film.