Prof. ir. Deborah Nas (IDE) and Dr. Sascha Hoogendoorn (Innovation & Impact Centre)

TU Delft does everything it can to offer its employees and students a safe place to work and study. Social distancing is new to everyone, and much is still unknown. This is why TU Delft has initiated a unique project in which researchers and TU Delft services together explore and apply new technologies to support the ‘1.5 meter campus’. These applications of technology make new scientific research possible and can offer practical use for the management of TU Delft. More than 20 researchers from CEG, EEMCS, TPM, IDE and Architecture are working on four concepts: an outdoor crowd dashboard, an indoor crowd dashboard, a 'conversational agent' and mathematical models of human contact networks. At first glance, the projects seem to be separate from each other, but the strength lies in their combination. In thi webinar Prof. Deborah Nas from Industrial Design Engineering and Dr. Sascha Hoogendoorn of the Innovation & Impact Center presented the initiative and demonstrated the outdoor crowd dashboard: a digital twin of the campus in which real-time data mobility data is visualized.