Safe and Secure by Design Projects 2020

Intelligent Transport Systems

Safe Design of Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Rick R. Feith (TU Delft)
  • E. van Kampen (DELFT University of Technology)

This study investigated how Safe-by-Design is part of the aircraft design process. It also briefly looked at how artificial intelligence (AI) by means of self-learning systems, can be safely applied on transport systems.

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Gamification for Safe by Design


  • Prof. Jop Groeneweg (TU Delft –TPM, Safety and Security Science)
  • Dr. Peter Roelofsma (TU Delft – TPM, Safety and Security Science)

Gamification for Safe by Design (G4SD) aims to detect errors, problems and bottlenecks in a more effective and efficient way in future and existing Human Avatar-Robot Care systems and to support the discussion for new ideas and solutions. It is the first study into the deployment of gamification in the conceptual design phase of systems and services for improvement in the detection of bottlenecks, threats and problems. G4SD is used for error analysis in the conceptual design phase of processes and tasks to better ensure their safety. The emphasis is to design or redesign systems in such a way that they are effective (and therefore safe), efficient and enjoyable to use.

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