All Teaching Lab rooms are flexible. You are able to change the setup to your preferences. If you want to book a room, or need more information about the available tools and possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Do-It-Yourself studio re-opens from 28 July:
1. The studio can be booked by only one person a day;
2. The studio can only be booked between 10.00 AM and 16.00 PM;
3. The studio cannot be booked by a first-time user (since we are unable to guide you in the studio due to the 1,5-meter corona measure);
4. You have to send an e-mail to to let them know what time you are coming to the Teaching Lab;
5.  Before entering the Teaching Lab you have to register at the Servicedesk of the Pulse building.

If it is your first time using an interactive room, you will have a meeting with a projectlead from the Teaching Academy to learn how to use the different tools available. From there, you can keep booking the room and recording videos by yourself.

Do not worry! If you need pedagogical or technical support, there will be a person available to help you.

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