100 DAYS OF... Reflection

Welcome to the overview page of '100 DAYS OF... Reflection' - an initiative to collaboratively explore reflection in TU Delft’s engineering education. 
Keep a close eye on this page, for it will be updated regularly during the runtime of the upcoming 100 days (Sep.2021-Dec.2021). 

On this page, you find the agenda of the upcoming activities related to the '100 Days of Reflection', stories of reflection in education, practices/projects, relevant readings/publications, and summaries of the activities. 

Get involved!

Do you have any questions, projects/publications, findings, practices or other ideas to share related to reflection? Your contribution is of great value for this initiative!
Please let us know by sending an email to teachingacademy@tudelft.nl.

Programme Director Session – 8 October ‘21

In the programme director session we discuss themes relevant to the programme directors.
This session we explored Reflection in Engineering Education together.
Have a look at the exploration below.

Education Conversation – 28 September ‘21

Exploring Reflection in Engineering Education

The topic of the education conversation on the 28th was “Exploring Reflection in Engineering Education"
In this online Education Conversation we discussed together the role Reflection plays in engineering education.
In this exploration different questions were discussed.
Questions like:
•  What defines a reflective engineer?
•  Why is it important to support the students in reflection?
•  What type of reflection do you see happening?
Have a look at the exploration below.

Journal Club 21 September

What does research tell us about reflection in engineering education?

In the “100 days of reflection” journal clubs we explore and discuss papers/research on reflection in engineering education. Following a flipped-classroom approach, the participants read one article before the session (the specific article will be announced at least one week before the journal club date) and start an open discussion on the article with a moderator.The core question to be addressed is: what does research tell us on the role of Reflection in designing teaching and learning to educate our future (socially responsible) engineers.

During the first Journal club (21 sept ’21) in the "100 days of Reflection" series we discussed the paper " Integrating Reflection into Engineering Education.".
A good starting point to explore reflection in Engineering Education.

Have a look at this exploration below.

Reference. Turns, J. A., Sattler, B., Yasuhara, K., Borgford-Parnell, J. L., & Atman, C. J. (2014, June). Integrating reflection into engineering education. In 2014 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition (pp. 24-776).

Stories of Education – The Educator September ‘21

“Reflection as a core competency”

Do the future engineers we educate meet the demands of our rapidly changing society? Are they equipped to deal with uncertainties and rapidly changing circumstances that are beyond their control? Can they collaborate and co-create with people from other disciplines to find solutions to complex problems? Are they able to continue to develop after university, to be critical and open to new and different insights?
According to colleague Pleun Hermsen, there is still a world to be won here and reflection is a key word. “To be able to educate the intelligent, responsible and cooperative engineer of the future, we need to ensure that self-reflection becomes integrated in the heads, hearts, and hands of our students, lecturers and programs”, she says passionately. Read more