Active learning in design Theory and Methodology using Podcasts

Subject: Design Theory and Methodology (ID4010)
Academic year: 2019-2020
Field of study: Master Integrated design
Credits: 3 ECTS
Number of students: 370 students
Faculty: Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

One of the main challenges for this course was how to effectively teach a theoretical subject like Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) to 370 students. For many years this has been a lecture-based course, but these have been less and less well-received and attended by students.

Additionally, the student cohort is very diverse, both in subjects of study (we cover three different IDE Masters specialisations as well as students from outside the faculty) and in prior education (two thirds of students have studied the IDE Bachelor at Delft, but one third are foreign students from all over the world).

Prof. dr. P.A. Lloyd


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