Remote Experiences

Have a look at the collection of experiences below and benefit from them for your own course.

Do you also have experience in going remote? Please share with Teaching Academy via email.

Thank you!

A big thank you to TU Delft lecturers Mauricio Aniche, Florian Bociort, Przemysław Pawełczak, Wim Bierbooms, Richard Dwight and also Sake Zijlstra, Tuuli Jylhä and their colleagues from the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (A+BE) for their response to the call for educational experiences in going remote.

The first four lecturers mentioned above gave answers to the set questions in the call which have been put in an overview to compare. Richard made a nice tutorial, including a video, about how he made his graduate-level course in Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) remote proof. And the colleagues of A+BE already shared their experiences internally and put it in a clear power point presentation to share with colleagues from other faculties.


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