Join the TU Delft Education Day 2021: The Experiment

Scientifically Shaping Delft Engineering Education

It may seem far away, but the preparations for the TU Delft Educaiton Day 2021 on 4 November have already started! Will you join and contribute to this festive event, where it’s all about education and about sharing experiences among fellow lecturers?

The past year we radically transformed all our education. Now is the time to think through what happened during this period. What have we learned? What do we want to keep? What works for future education?

Instead of rushing into finding answers, we should really take the coming one or two years to experiment. Experimenting in a scientific responsible way measuring the effects and outcomes to find out what works and what doesn’t in Delft Engineering Education, to share our findings and to learn from each other.

What effects and results do we want to measure? How will we work with students to shape our campus? How to find balance in campus and online education? What did we learn from the remote period? How will we (re)build a strong educational community? How can we integrate societal and environmental challenges in our courses? How can we support students in their learning? How will we integrate the newly introduced technologies?...

So many questions to reflect on, to think about, to share your ideas on, to discuss about.

Join the TU Delft Education Day 2021: The Experiment, Scientifically Shaping Delft Engineering Education

To meet your interests and your peers’, it would be wonderful if you could help us shape the Education Day 2021. Do you have any ideas, thoughts or wishes relating to this day? Please contact the Teaching Academy.

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