Ouriginal replace Turnitin plagiarism checks

Important information regarding plagiarism checks: from 1 August Ouriginal will replace Turnitin

From 1 August Turnitin will be replaced by Ouriginal as TU Delfts plagiarism detection tool for texts. After a European tender procedure where teaching staff and student representatives were asked to provide feedback, Ouriginal was awarded the tender. Some people might know this tool from its previous name Urkund. Ouriginal will be made available through a Brightspace integration like Turnitin, although the workflow will differ a little.

What does it mean?

The technical and organisational implementation have started to make sure Ouriginal will be available from 1 August 2021. From then on you can select Ouriginal as plagiarism check for assignments in all your courses that will start in the academic year 2021-2022. Until the 1 September you can still use the current tool Turnitin for plagiarism checks on theses or other assignments that are handed in by students.

All documents previously uploaded in Turnitin will be migrated to Ouriginal so our own database of student work will remain intact and available. However, the plagiarism reports itself will not be migrated.

Export current Turnitin plagiarism reports!

It is important that you download all plagiarism reports that you might still need before 1 September 2021. After this date, they will not be available anymore. When preparing your Brightspace courses for the upcoming academic year (2021-2022) make sure that from 1 August onwards you select Ouriginal for plagiarism control and not Turnitin. Are you preparing your courses already before 1 August? Then we advise you to wait with activating the plagiarism check until Ouriginal is available. 

Finally, please note that the functionalities Peermark and Grademark will also disappear after the 1st of September. For more information about alternatives, visit the support page. 


To support the change to Ouriginal the Brightspace support pages will be updated by 1 August with instructions on how to use the new tool.  From September onwards a number of training sessions for teaching staff will be offered by the supplier. When these training sessions are planned, the dates and specifics will be communicated via the TU Delft Teaching Academy.

If you have any questions on the use of Ouriginal you can contact Brightspace support.

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