What can the student psychologist do for your student and PhD?

How to handle psychological struggles?

Every (PhD) student  can encounter difficult situations sometimes. Some can talk to their family and friends, and things get better after a while. However, it can happen that they feel they cannot cope sufficiently with their struggles and talking to loved ones is not enough, or they are not available. Then they can contact the university psychologists.

A few examples of struggles we often see: stress, feeling down, insecurity, fear, worrying, trouble sleeping, using too much alcohol or drugs, cultural difference, perfectionism, loneliness, trouble with the work and life balance. Etc.

There are several options for the students and PhD’s offered by the psychologists:

  • Sign up for the daily open hour on the campus or in Teams. There they can have a short meeting with a psychologist to get a first advice.
  • Sign up for an general intake interview. We will contact the student for an online meeting of 45 minutes to talk in detail about their struggles. At the end of this meeting we will decide with the student what help is most fitting.

This can be a treatment of maximum 3 online meetings at the TU, or a referral to an external psychologist for a longer, or more specialised treatment.

Please note that we have a waiting list for the intake to take place.

If you, as a lecturer have concerns regarding the mental wellbeing of a (PhD) student, please feel free to contact us for support and advice: psychologen@tudelft.nl.

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