Digital Assessment: almost there

At TU Delft we are currently using an array of Digital Assessment tools. As contract end dates for these tools are drawing closer, there is a need to look more closely at the best way forward with digital assessment at the TU. On the one hand, purchasing rules must be applied correctly to comply with regulations and laws, and on the other hand, this is also a good time to see what is really needed and whether what has evolved over time is still the best fit. For this reason Digital Excellence for Education (DEE) has initiated the Digital Assessment Project at the start of 2021.  

During April and May we reviewed the offers by the subscribers to the tender. There were some really appropriate offers that we have evaluated together with a diverse and representative group of colleagues, consisting of lecturers, students, assessment specialists, support staff and management from the faculties. We also did interviews and performed some tests to gain the best insights in usability and user friendliness. This process went very well and we are happy with the outcome.  

This outcome has been communicated on June 7 to all suppliers that made an offer and we have provisionally awarded the contract to one supplier. We are now in the standard legal waiting period until June 29. After this date we will communicate as soon as we are able which supplier won the tender. We will then also share our implementation plans for the transition phase. 

We will continue to keep you informed via the Educator. If you have questions about the project and/or how it is handled at your faculty, please contact the project manager: Inez de Fluiter, who can be reached via We value your input and welcome any feedback! 

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