Call for Lecturers to participate in a session on teaching students with a disability

Dear lecturers from the TU Delft,

From Education and Student affairs and Horizon we are working hard on improving the experiences of students at the TU Delft, especially for those who are struggling with their studies because of a disability or (temporary) circumstances that impact their time at Delft. One of the points of attention this academic year will be improving the information we offer you, the lecturers of TU Delft. To do so we would love to hear from you what kind of information you would need from us to make your education more inclusive for these students. What are you struggling with at this moment or do you have best practices you would like to share with us? Therefore we are organizing a feedback session on December 7 12:30-13:30, the session will be held online through teams. Are you interested in participating? Please send an email to and we will send you an invite for the meeting.


Marlieke Ernst (Horizon) and Sjoerd Zoeteman (educational psychologist at ESA).


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