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Annoesjka Cabo (Academic Director of the Teaching Academy), Marcus Specht ( Director of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning), Remon Rooij (Co-leader of the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education) and Franca Jonquière (Manager Teaching and Learning Services at TU Delft) joined forces to organise the initiative ‘100 Days of…Reflection’ to collaboratively explore reflection in TU Delft’s engineering education. The theories, experience, and knowledge on reflection of the four parties complements each other well.

Annoesjka: “We know that there are already a lot of great things related to reflection happening at our university. Projects, papers, publications, educational experiences from lecturers, scientists, and educational support staff. We will collect everything and share it with the teaching community via several events during the upcoming months from September to December. During the events we will explore reflection on different levels such as content-, process-, personal- and interpersonal level. The final result will be a whitepaper showcasing lessons learned, considerations, research, and ways to go forward that will be shared in the beginning of next year. To be able to have a complete and evidence-based story, we invite you and your peers to collaborate and actively share your knowledge, vision, and experience on reflection within TU Delft engineering education.” 

Marcus: Reflection is a complex topic and has many facets. For LDE.CEL and 4TU.CEE bringing together issues from everyday teaching practice, linking these issues to solid methodological research, designing solutions based on evidence and evaluating and reflecting on these solutions is at the heart of our business. In all these processes reflection is a key element. It has to do with being honest in looking at your own teaching and learning, becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses, considering others work and trying to develop your own actions further. Second it has to do with reflecting on what has been done before and using research to collect evidence for adapting your current solutions, and third we should learn from our earlier choices. We hope that the 100 days of reflection help educators, learners, researchers and support staff to become better at what they do.

Remon: “We aim to reach several goals simultaneously. The initiative ensures that reflection in our TU Delft’s engineering education is explored and discussed more intensively. We aim for educational quality and staff professionalization so that TU Delft courses, curriculums, individual lecturers, course and curriculum coordinators and educational managers will benefit. Via this initiative CEE, CEL, TA, and TLS join forces in Delft in order to stimulate and further professionalize education innovation, educational scientific research, teaching support, and careers with more emphasis on teaching excellence, educational leadership, and/or educational scholarship.”

Franca Jonquiere: “We would love for this collaboration to bring TU Delft lecturers several specific and practical points of advice and materials that they can actively use while teaching: how can I help my students give meaningful feedback, how can I be an example on giving meaningful feedback? How can I support my students to grow into reflective engineers and give them tools that they can use during their career, both at the TU Delft, and beyond.”

Are you interested to join this initiative? There are many ways to participate, like attending the events and the special MS Teams group and contributing in knowledge and experience. Visit the Teaching Academy website for a quick overview of the related ‘100 DAYS OF Reflection’ events. Do you have any questions, first thoughts, findings or other ideas or stories to share, like the one of Pleun Hermsen which you also find in this Educator? Please let us know by sending an email to

Upcoming '100 DAYS of Reflection' Events

Journal Club | 21 September

What does research tell us about reflection in education?

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Education Conversation | 28 September

Lets talk about reflection in education!

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