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The Experiment - Shaping Delft Engineering Education

The TU Delft Education Day is the event of the year to get inspired by innovative education. This year’s theme of TU Delft Education Day is ‘The Experiment - Shaping Delft Engineering Education’. Experimenting is fundamental to science and engineering and is an inherent part of education at TU Delft. Understanding what works in education and sharing our findings is essential to collaboratively enhance engineering education. Let’s build upon lessons learnt and experiment together!

Three Focus areas

1. Education Technology
Technology is indispensable in today’s and tomorrow’s world and the education industry is no exception. Having a safe space to experiment as well as to safeguard the learning experience of students is of utmost importance when using various technologies in education. This begs the questions: What role does, can, and should technology play in engineering education? How can we optimise the use of existing and new technologies to improve the teaching and learning experience. How can we do this without compromising student results in the process? 

2. Forms of Education
There are many forms of education to choose from to offer the best learning experience for students while improving your teaching experience;. Examples are blended, hybrid, living labs, maker spaces, challenge-based learning etc. In this area you encounter questions like: What changes would you like to make in your teaching to improve students’ learning experience? How can digital tools help you in achieving this? What experiments are taking place and what can we learn from these? 

3. The Engineer’s Mindset
There are a multitude of things we experiment with in life to understand who we are and who we want to be, to know what we like and dislike, to find out what we want and how we want to live our lives. Students are at the start of their journey figuring out who they want to be. As more experienced explorers, we can show them different ways to experiment and grow. What are things lecturers can do or say to help students in their way to self-actualisation? How can we support existing mindsets to collaboratively solve wicked problems? How can we shape resilient, self-aware, and strong minds that are equipped and willing to make an impact for a better society? 

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