MS Teams for Education

Developments in MS Teams move fast, and a lot of support information is available. This leaves the challenge of finding and selecting the information you need. Here’s a short handout to help navigate through the available support information. This document can be updated regularly.

MS Teams Basics

Getting Started (installing, logging in, etc)

What is MS Teams and what does it offer? (A brief overview of MS Teams functionalities)

MS Teams Tour (learn the basics)

ICT Manuals, tips & tricks  for general use of MS Teams

Examples of how to use Teams for different purposes in education

Support/training MS Teams

Support: where do I go with which question?

MS Teams video training (containing useful video tutorials on all sorts of topics)

Teams M365 Teams support (Join the M365 Teams Support and ask your questions)

Weekly walk in sessions (find the weekly sessions on the Teaching Academy website)

How to offer lectures online/remotely

Consider your goals, consider whether you want to do this live or on demand: 

Consider how to lecture online for small groups (until 80 students) or large groups (more than 80 students)

Consider the tools you can use to reach these goals:

   Compare Online Meeting Tools

   YouseeU (Brightspace virtual classroom, for online lectures)

   Teams Meetings (for meetings and online sessions)

   Teams Live Events (for webinars)

   Collegerama recordings (use recorded lectures)

   Working with Kaltura (create your own videos)

Collaborating on documents in MS Teams

How to Share files, collaborate on files and add ‘read only Class Materials’

Centrally supported educational tools, privacy and security

TU Delft Supported tools are centrally supported

Overview tools used in education and their potential privacy and security risks Privacy & Security around educational tooling

Questions and answers related to privacy and security of educational tooling

Remote teaching, learning & assessment

Remote Teaching and Learning: Tips and tricks on how to teach remotely

Remote Assessments: Tips and tricks on how to create a remote assessment

More support

Visit Teaching & Learning Support for additional information on MS Teams