Blended Education

What is it about?

Blending your education is all about designing and facilitating a combination of online/offline, synchronous/asynchronous, and many more various learning activities that fit the specific context of your course, where you consider the learning journey of your students. When applying a blended approach, you rethink when, how, and where teaching and learning will happen. The purpose of this is to make the most out of time, location, educational tools, learning activities, feedback, and assessment types.

Blended education focusses on designing various learning interactions  more consciously and efficiently (student-student; student-content; student-lecturer). Amongst others, this contributes to reaching learning objectives and developing self-regulatory learning skills by students. Also, since blended materials are often reusable, investing in blending your course is likely to save you time in the long term. The aim of this page is to illustrate that there is something in blending your education for everyone - for both lecturers and students.