Community Engagement in Design & Engineering Education

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What is community engagement? 
University-community engagement (UCE) refers to as a process whereby universities engage with community stakeholder to undertake joint activities that can be mutually beneficial even if each side benefits in a different way (Benneworth et al. 2018). 

About this Special Interest Group (SIG)
This SIG is interested in exploring and developing teaching approaches that adopt UCE to create societal impact and valuable learning experiences for students, in the context of the current Strategic Framework 2018-2024 of TU Delft. This particular SIG is a 'light-touch' informal network, fostering knowledge exchange between TU Delft instructors (and beyond), emphasising a bottom-up apprach towards community engagement. 


Dr. R. J. (Reinout) Kleinhans |
Associate Professor of Urban Regeneration
Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment

Reinout Kleinhans is an Associate Professor of Urban Regeneration at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department of Urbanism. His research interests are urban regeneration, self-organisation, online/offline citizen engagement, digital participatory planning, community entrepreneurship, and collective efficacy. In the context of his TU Delft Education Fellowship (2020-2021), he aims to improve our understanding of the feasibility and effective approaches to strengthening community engagement by enabling students to conduct research and design which truly connects to and engages (members of) local communities in the context of regular bachelor and master courses. Reinout is also steering group member of the City Lab Delft and TU Delft co-ordinator of the LDE Centre Governance of Migration & Diversity (GMD).

Dr. A. R. (Andrea) Gammon |  
Assistant Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

Andrea Gammon is Assistant Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Technology at the Technology, Policy, and Management,focused on improving and innovating education for the ethics teaching given throughout TU Delft. In addition to ethics education, her research interests include environmental philosophy and place-based climate adaptation. Andrea especially interested in developing modes of community engagement in her teaching related to environmental ethics, environmental citizenship, and sustainability.