PRIMECH stands for PRogramme of Innovation in MECHanics education. This interfaculty project aims at innovating the way TU Delft provides Mechanics education at Bachelor-level. From our exploratory analysis with teachers and students of TU Delft, we found that there is a need for students to develop a deeper understanding of Mechanics and for better alignment between the Mechanics courses in each programme. This is a difficult challenge to face alone as a teacher.

We intend to intervene on the problem with two different initiatives. First, we facilitate the Mechanics Teachers Social Club, a community of practice. The goal of the cub is for Mechanics teachers to meet, share teaching experiences and collaborate on exciting new education projects.  Get a taste of the atmosphere at our community from the video below:

Second, we recently launched PRIMECH Accelerate. Our goal with this 1-on-1 initiative is to provide teachers with tailored educational support to develop innovative teaching materials and activities, empowering them to innovate their mechanics courses.

Upcoming PRIMECH Activities

The PRIMECH team

Project Leader

Marta Gavioli

Workshop designer

Veronica Comin

Community Facilitator

Marijn Roelvink

Content Expert

Thijs Hoedemakers

Project Supervisor

Hans Hellendoorn