Campfire Talk - Unsupervised intervision game

What is it? 

Campfire Talk is a peer to peer intervision without the need for a moderator. Developed using serious gaming methods and ludodidactics, this Campfire Talk creates an inviting and safe atmosphere in which players are able to share difficult issues they experience and the emotions experienced herein. Students and staff are welcome to play the game. Together they explore the issue, look at it from multiple perspectives, search for underlying patterns or associated matters. At the end of the game first steps are formulated to navigate this issue. While doing this, players will hopefully experience a sense of relief that they are not the only one struggling, feel empowered to take ownership of their issues, and learn from other’s experiences. Simultaneously, they also practise dialogical skills and empathy.

How does it work?

Put around 5 participants (min. 4 - max 7)  together and give them the game materials. After opening the game board, they just need to follow the steps collected in the booklets: game instructions and roles. The game material can come in two different formats, either in a tangible version available upon request, or in a downloadable version that can be easily printed as many times as needed.

Bringing Campfire Talk to the classroom 

  • Initially, the game was created for graduation students struggling throughout their graduation projects. Do you supervise students in their thesis? Perhaps feel uncomfortable talking about issues that are more on the process of graduation or even personal?
  • Do you see or are one of these students struggling during their (graduation) project?
  • Do you feel that students could learn more from each other but they never seem to understand what is expected?
  • Do you experience issues with your team that are difficult to address, but it is highly needed?

Set up a Campfire with your students!

Direct implementation (for graduating masters students) 

  • Download the printable version of the game here
  • Get in touch to request de 'deluxe' version of the game

Implentation for other groups?

  • This Intervision game can be used for other groups as well. We adapted it to be used in different contexts and users. For example, educational and support staff, such as teachers or student advisors struggling in their practice; Ph.D.'s, mentors; (international) students having difficulties in their studies, premaster students in their bridging programs, and many more! 
  • Not seeing yourself represented in any of these groups? No worries, in co-creation with you we can personalize this prototype to fit your group.


"Talking and sharing with people feels better" (student)

"I'm not alone and there are people who understand me. It is not as hard to talk about issues as I previously thought" (student)

"Powerful tool to let students discuss relevant issues. This helps them, but me as well" (supervising professor)

This Campfire Talk intervision game was supported by a Comenuis teaching fellow grant.