About us

Transport is an essential part of our society. Whether it's driving to work in the car, cycling to the supermarket, or having a package delivered at home, we all use transport on a daily basis. However, we also face the disadvantages of transport every day, in the form of traffic jams, accidents and environmental pollution.

In order to gain a better understanding of how these problems arise, and how we can solve them, research is conducted in a variety of different areas, ranging from the technology of vehicle design to the psychology of car driving. By combining knowledge from all these fields, we can develop solutions that result in safer, cleaner and more efficient transport and improved accessibility.

Under the heading Transport Institute, researchers and students from different backgrounds at TU Delft are working together to identify the solutions.  

About Transport Institute

TU Delft Transport Institute is essentially the community of TU Delft scientists working in the field of transport.TU Delft Transport Institute is also a (largely virtual) organization within the TU Delft that supports scientists in achieving the highest scientific quality level, communication of research findings, collaboration in research and education and seeking funding for new research. 


  • The interuniversity research school for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL): all PhD students working with TUD-TI are also member of TRAIL; the scientific quality improvement program of TUD-TI is tuned with the activities of the school, and numerous knowledge transfer activities will be organized jointly.
  • Delft Research Based Initiative Infrastructure & Mobility (DIMI): TUD-TI can be seen as a special interest section of DIMI; DIMI aims to integrate different application areas of the TU Delft, one being transport – to this end, TUD-TI (scientists) fully collaborate within the DIMI framework. TUD-TI has a more specific scope, and also explicitly aims to improve scientific quality .
  • Port Research Centre Delft – Rotterdam (PRC): those organisations have different aims and ambitions, therefore scientists can participate both in PRC and TUD-TI, and when relevant, activities are organized jointly. 

Can I apply for research funding from TUD-TI?

TUD-TI has a budget for integration and communication activities; TUD-TI members may apply for support to organise meetings, to write a scientific book, to invite a (foreign) expert / scientist to deliver a lecture, for valorisation activities and, for example, for initiatives to explain scientific findings to the general public. The TUD-TI funds are by far insufficient to significantly support (PhD or similar) research activities. However, TUD-TI can help to acquire research funding, when relevant collaborating with the experts of the TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre.  

Can other organizations participate in the TUD-TI?

TUD-TI is an institute of the TU Delft, so no external organisations can become member of the Institute. However, TUD-TI is highly interested in collaborating with partners, both within the academia as with knowledge institutes, and public and private parties active in the domain of transport. External organization are welcome to attend seminars, workshops and presentations.  Click here for our agenda.

What does TUD-TI actually do?

The TU Delft Transport Institute…

  • functions as an access point for those seeking academic knowledge and/or experts in the field of transport, both in research and education.
  • organizes academic meetings and lectures and public events to share recent research findings, maintains a website and issues newsletters to announce events, to distribute popularized recent research findings and position papers.
  • supports scientists looking for funding and valorisation opportunities and represents TU Delft in various national and international platforms on transport research.
  • supports initiatives to strengthen TU Delft collaboration in BSc, Master and post-doctorate education, and in strengthening the links between education and research.

To these ends, TUD-TI collaborates with service centres within the TU Delft (Innovation & Impact Centre, Communication & Marketing) and with partner organizations such as Delft Initiative Mobility & Infrastructure (DIMI ), Interuniversity Research School on Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL), and others.   


For more information, please contact us by e-mail: transport@tudelft.nl