In the field of transport, TU Delft offers a wide range of education programmes; from Bachelors, Masters and PhD's.


  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management
  • BSc Aerospace Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Architecture
  • BSc Industrial Design Engineering
  • BSc Marine Technology


  • MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics
  • MSc Transport & Planning
  • MSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management
  • MSc Transport Engineering and Logistics


  • Minor Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Minor Automotive Design
  • Minor Airport of the Future 

Graduation projects

Many transport-related issues transcend the boundaries of different subjects. For example, a subject in which various disciplines all link to the world of transport is ICT, which forms the basis for the chip card system used in public transport, the modelling of traffic flows, the design of travel information and the planning of transhipment facilities, urban infrastructure or ports.

All TU Delft Master’s degree programmes are concluded by a project. Are you interested in transport? Depending on your programme, you can decide for yourself if you wish to specialise in the area of transport.


PhD programmes in transport, infrastructure and logistics are provided by the TRAIL research school. TRAIL is a collaborative initiative of five Dutch universities. Besides PhD training TRAIL performs scientific and applied scientific research in the fields of mobility, transport, logistics, traffic, infrastructure and transport systems.

Are you interested in a PhD-position at the TU Delft? If so, take a look at the PhD-positions at TU Delft, or contact the researcher working in the area you are interested in.