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20 October 2020

DIMI Stories: There’s still room on the water! by Prof. Rudy Negenborn

Freight transport by water is cheaper and uses less energy than by road. What’s more, there’s more room on the water than on our congested roads. We could fully exploit these benefits by first solving a few notorious bottlenecks, such as container ships that aren’t loaded to capacity, suboptimal vessel navigation and congested locks.

29 September 2020

Driving behaviour less ‘robotic’ thanks to new Delft model

Researchers from TU Delft have now developed a new model that describes driving behaviour on the basis of one underlying ‘human’ principle: managing the risk below a threshold level.

11 June 2020

Public transport and shared mobility during and after a social distancing society

Public transport has not been the same since the corona crisis. The first challenge was to keep a safe distance in the train, tram, metro or bus and in multiple countries Public Transport, is currently (fully) opening up again. What measures are needed and what structural changes will we see? And what will be the effect on Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

24 April 2020

TU Delft and NS study the impact of the coronavirus crisis on travel behaviour

16 March 2020

Millions of euros to improve to improve the Rhine-Alpine freight corridor

Container ships that aren’t fully loaded, congested locks resulting in long waits for vessels, suboptimal navigation of ships on rivers and fully loaded ships that cannot cope with low water levels. These are common problems on inland waterways. The Horizon 2020 programme ‘Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively’ (NOVIMOVE) is going to use a European grant of almost 9 million euros to conduct research on how to improve the logistics of this transport system.