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15 June 2017

“Self-driving vehicles to revolutionize our mobility by 2030”

“Self-driving vehicles to revolutionize our mobility by 2030”

The expectations concerning automated driving are running high. Some 95 percent of the technology is ready but the last percentages are the hardest, says Professor Dariu Gavrila.

22 March 2017

Stories of science: Navigating the motorways with pinpoint accuracy Abstract

Navigation systems which will guide cars and trucks along motorways and through busy city centres with the utmost precision are no longer the stuff of science fiction. GPS researchers Christiaan Tiberius and Peter de Bakker are testing innovative ways of improving the accuracy and availability of navigation systems. Their research may also bring the introduction of self-driving vehicles one step closer.

27 February 2017

Transport Institute partner in ITF/OECD Decarbonisation project

Last week professor Lóri Tavasszy reached an agreement with the International Transport Forum (ITF) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to become a partner in the Decarbonising Transport project on the topic of freight transport and logistics.

27 January 2017

First student with "Annotation Rail" graduated

On the 19th of february, Bart Leistra received, next to his MSc. diploma Transport & Planning, the first Annotation Rail. He received the certificate from ProRail CEO Pier Eringa. This annotation is a supplement to the MSc. diploma, which states that the students followed extra courses in the field of rail.

09 November 2016

WEpod autonomous vehicles operate as temporary bus service

WEpod autonomous vehicles operate as temporary bus service

From Tuesday 8 November two self-driving WEpods named WURby and WElly, are operating as a weekly bus service on the campus of Wageningen University and Research. On Tuesdays from 11:00 to 13:00 passengers are welcome to board the bus on its fixed route with 10 stops. TU Delft is one of the partners in this project, contributing to the software and sensors that enable the vehicle to travel autonomously.

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