People from various faculties across TU Delft who have been contributing towards research in Freight & Logistics.

Full Professors

Senior Researchers

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


Rodrigo Javier Tapia


PhD Students

PhD students



Sander Onstein

Logistics decision making for distribution structures L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Masoud Khakdaman

Freight container demand analytics L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Patrick Fahim

Port throughput in the Physical Internet L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Kailan Wu

Supply chain impacts of smart carbon pricing schemes L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Wenhua Qu

Rail and synchromodal transport network optimization L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Shahrzad Nigkhadam

Nautical service chain optimization in seaports L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Raeed Ali

Microsimulation model for regional freight transport L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Ali Nadi

Descriptive logistics modelling for transport simulation L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Saeid Sharafatipour

Green pricing schemes for maritime ports L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Salil Sharma

Descriptive models for truck driver behavior L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy

Frederik Vinke

Cascading effects of sustained low water on inland shipping M. (Mark) van Koninsgveld

Solange van der Werff

Evaluating the competitive performance of ports and waterways network configurations using deep learning M. (Mark) van Koninsgveld

Floor Bakker

Implications of nature based SALTISolutions for port logistics M. (Mark) van Koninsgveld

Man Jiang

GreenPower - assessing the impacts of the energy transition on waterborne supply chains M. (Mark) van Koninsgveld

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