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03 February 2021

4TU Federation cooperates on Wind Energy research

The four technical universities of the Netherlands cooperate on different energy topics to accelerate towards a carbon neutral society.

25 January 2021

TU Delft Hosts the Premier Academic Wind Conference Torque 2020 Online

The European Academy of Wind Energy first held the conference entitled ‘The Science of Making Torque from Wind’ (or TORQUE, for short) at Delft in 2004.

13 January 2021

Towards a renewable offshore energy system

The energy transition is now well underway. By 2050, virtually the whole of the energy supply will need to be renewable and carbon-neutral. That is a huge task. It is not only domestic users that need to go gas-free; SMEs, industries, road traffic, public transport and aviation will also have to shift towards a renewable source of energy. An electric vehicle or hydrogen-fuelled aircraft is not enough: the electricity or hydrogen needs to be generated in a sustainable, green way. With wind, solar, tidal or wave energy.

31 July 2020

TU Delft research partner in innovative wind farm Hollandse Kust Noord

As the research partner in the so-called Hollandse Kust Noord (HKN) project, TU Delft is playing a significant role. Once the wind farm has been built, researchers, led by Professor Jan-Willem van Wingerden, will be able to test their findings regarding wind energy in practice, and the amount of energy generated by the wind farm will be maximised.

18 February 2020

2.75M EU grant for STEP4WIND

Project STEP4WIND aims at increasing the commercial readiness level of floating offshore wind energy.