What is TU TV?

With over 22.000 students, 3000 scientists and 2000 support staff Delft University of Technology produces daily new innovations and accumulates a large amount of scientific knowledge. This never ending process is mostly hidden to the outside world. With recent growth in the field of Science Communication it is important to engage the public in the world of science and technology and introduce scientists to a broader audience. In the age of YouTube, smartphones and other streaming devices video’s take a key role in the development of Science Communication. Delta and Science Centre Delft, both TU Delft departments, are filling this gap with TU Delft TV.

TU Delft TV is a video production team which focus lies in opening the world of science and technology trough video’s. Recent research projects, student innovation and TU Delft related events are recorded and produced in short, bite-sized video’s. The creation of these video’s is fully done by a team of student assistants, Delta and Science Centre Delft coordinate and facilitate this process. 

The year of 2015 marks the beginning of TU Delft TV. With a small team (3 students) 10 videos are produced, 137 subscribers won and  over 7.000 views are accumulated. These prototypes will be the foundation for the years to come. In 2016 the team grows to 7 members, the first camera is bought and a total of 21 videos are made with a total of 71.000 views (YouTube up to 600 subscribers). Success, growth and optimisations means that 2017 is an important year to make changes to the team. The team starts to make video’s for other departments that are not released on TU Delft TV channels and a second department, the animation department, is being built. A total of 22 videos are produced, 12 animations made and 121.000 views plus 850 subscribers are added to the channel. 

In 2018 the team continues to grow and produces steadily quality content. The team has its own MediaLab located at the Science Centre Delft and professional hardware is being added. In May of 2018 a total of 25 students work at TU Delft TV to create online content and 32 productions have been completed.