Make your own Design project

The Guidebook Your Turn for the Teacher supports teachers in setting up real-life design projects for use with 8 – 14 year old pupils. It is available as a free download. In addition, materials to conduct specific design projects are published here. It is also a valuable manual for designers aiming to co-design within a primary school setting. The document contains an appendix with a varied set of design tools and student materials.

Designing for climate action

In this project, students will explore the circular economy and design ways to re-use objects. They will focus their design on a specific user and develop empathy through the use of persona’s. The  design ideas are shared in a school fair or virtually using communication tools. They will understand how  designing for the circular economy is positive for our climate. This resource is developed by World’s Largest Lesson in partnership with UNICEF and makes use of the Your Turn approach of the TU Delft.