Use of our facilities

Some of our facilities are freely accessible to the public, these include Cafe X, Freetown and the Contemplation Room. Many of the other facilities are available to X subscription holders free of charge, provided you book them in advance. Those who don't have an X subscription have the option to rent most facilities for a fee. An overview of all indoor and outdoor spaces (and how to use them) can be found in the attached document:


In addition to stairs, X has two lifts in the building:

  1. The lift opposite the entrance to Cafe X. This lift takes you from the ground floor to the 1st floor.
  2. The lift in Freetown Foyer (on is the 1st floor). This lift takes you to the 2nd floor of Freetown.

If you want to take the lift from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, for example to the Theatre Hall or the Contemplation Room, you must first take lift 1. Via the balcony and X's offices, you can then cross to Freetown Foyer to take lift 2.

If you have any questions, our hosts at the entrance will be happy to assist you further.

All-gender toilets and changing rooms

X values making everyone feel safe and welcome. There are men's toilets, women's toilets, all-gender toilets and accessible toilets located throughout the building.
The locations of the all-gender toilets are:

  • Toilets past the hosts, near X3
  • Toilets next to changing rooms 19 & 20
  • Toilets on the 2nd floor of Freetown

Visitors have several changing room options from which to choose. We have women's changing rooms and men's changing rooms, each with a communal changing area. The all-gender changing rooms have individual changing cabins and individual showers, these are:

  • Changing room 19
  • Changing room 20
  • Staff changing room 1
  • Staff changing room 2

Promotional facilities at X

It is important to us that our visitors feel comfortable and can take distance from everyday routines. For this reason, we keep our building and outdoor area as neutral as possible and do not allow promotional material to be handed out or displayed.

External parties do have the opportunity to use the following channels, provided the message is specifically intended for students:

  • You are free to hang a poster on the poster wall in the entrance hall. The hosts can tell you where this wall is. Please also remove the poster when a date has passed and/or the topic is no longer relevant.
  • You can have a slide displayed on our narrowcasting screens for a maximum of 2 weeks. You can submit the slide to The format of the JPG file should be 1920x1080 pixels.
  • In consultation with X's Communication team, additional promotion is sometimes possible. For example, sharing a post on Instagram or Facebook.
  • In some situations, we allow promotional actions on the front square at X, for example if an action has a lot in common with our own mission/vision. If you, as a party, have this wish, please discuss whether this is possible/permitted with the Communication team.

In addition, take into account the general TU Delft campus guidelines.

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