Vacancy Teacher The Big Unknown at X

TU Delft
Technical University Delft (TU Delft) is a versatile university which provides education and does research of an internationally acknowledged level in the area of technical sciences. Education, research and designs are geared to societal applicability. TU Delft develops technologies for future generations with a focus on sustainability, safety and economic vitality. At TU Delft, you work in an environment where technical sciences and the society meet. TU Delft consists of eight faculties, university corporate services, unique laboratories, research institutes and schools.

Education & Student Affairs (ESA)
Education & Student Affairs (ESA) provides educational support in the form of education and student administration, coordinating education policies, supporting and supervising (international) students and PhD candidates, providing training in teaching and other areas, offering educational advice and support, and organising sports and cultural activities. ESA comprises the Education Service Centre, Academic Services, the Extension School and X, with a total of approximately 250 staff. ESA is known within TU Delft for the high quality of its service, and has a proactive and solution-oriented culture.

X is a place on campus where you can develop the talents that you don't necessarily need for an academic education, but which are nevertheless invaluable throughout your life. X focuses on the needs of young people and has plenty to offer, ranging from courses, ticket hours, events and projects to, for example, independent use of the student kitchen and living room, or the chance to launch your own activities and/or programming. X comprises three departments; Products, Systems and Communication, which jointly enable all that X has to offer. The major themes that underpin the programming at X are lifestyle, reflection, sports, games, arts and crafts.

The primary aim of X is to stimulate and facilitate the personal development of students and their connection with the academic community at TU Delft.

Thanks to the help of some 50 student organisations, hundreds of teaching staff (most of whom are part time) and trainers, X is able to provide an attractive programme of activities in which some 13,500 students and staff members participate each year.

Members of staff at X are characterised by their strong ambition to contribute to and participate in the personal growth of people in general and students in particular. They are also committed to their own personal development and they have a strong capacity to learn.

The Big Unknown
For a year now, X has 'the Big Unknown’ on offer. Although the participants do not know what will happen at the start of the lesson, one thing is a given: the lesson is all about playing. Think of jungle gym, dodgeball games, playing tag and other forms of play that you can think of. The starting point of the lessons is that they are easily accessible, active and always the participants smile. The lesson takes place in a large, new sports hall including gymnastic equipment.

Job description
As a sports teacher of ‘The Big Unknown’ at X, you’ll be working in a fascinating and international work environment with enthusiastic students and employees.

You are responsible for the organisation and development of the lesson 'the Big Unknown’. You will be the point of contact for all participants; you will instruct them, supervise the activity and ensure a safe environment, according to methodological content. Prior to the lesson, you are responsible for the layout of the room. And afterwards, you will make sure that the room is put back in its original state. Both in close consultation with the logistics staff that is present.

Also, you will be responsible for the development of the lesson and for devising new lesson content. You will do so in close consultation with your coordinator. In addition, new ideas are always welcome and you are challenged to think along about new ways to improve the experience.

Job requirements

  • You have a passion for physical education.
  • You are playful by nature and like to think about new possibilities.
  • You can think of a new and exciting programme for each weeks lesson.
  • You are customer-friendly and enjoy giving people a good time.
  • You have a proactive attitude and are solution-oriented.
  • You can work independently and don't hesitate to take responsibility for making ‘The Big Unknown’ a success.
  • You have an good command of the Dutch and English languages.
  • A teaching qualification (pabo / ALO / CIOS) is an advantage.

Terms of employment
The function extends to one hour per week on Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 19:00. This is excluding the preparation time (20%). You will start at the beginning of September, at the start of the new academic year. The salary is based on the CAO-NU (Sports Teacher Profile) and you are paid via a payroll arrangement with Unique.

In addition, X offers an attractive package of secondary employment conditions.

Information and application
For more information about this position, please contact Nicole Bulk, Sports coordinator ta X via e-mail: If you wish to apply for this position, you can send your application letter, together with your curriculum vitae, to the above e-mail address before 20 October, stating ‘Vacancy Sports teacher: The Big Unknown’ as the subject.