Cafe X

Cafe X recently reopened! You are welcome in the Cafe, on our renewed terrace and you can enjoy a takeaway dish. On the menu are delicious summer dishes such as a club sandwich, pizza prosciutto, fresh salads, (vegetarian) burgers and more. Cafe X can accommodate up to 50 people. Curious about the full menu? Check it out below.

How does it work?
Upon entry, you will be welcomed by an employee of X. You will receive a small tray with a number on it. This number corresponds with a table in the Cafe or on the terrace. You follow the route in Cafe X and order your food and drinks at the 'drinks' bar. Upon payment you will receive a buzzer with which you can pick up the dish at the 'food' bar. After receiving the dish, you can sit down at the table that corresponds to the number on the tray, or take it home with you.The dishes are packed so that they are easy to take with you. When you leave the Cafe you can hand in the tray again.