Lisa van der Hoeven

The second week of VitaminX starts with my course on: Burlesque, Vogue, High Heels.

The nice thing...

...about this course is that you learn to move sensually through different dance styles. Every style has a different background and approaches the dance in a different way. The lessons are also given by different teachers so you will get to know a diverse range of styles.

After the four course days... dare to show yourself in dance. You have challenged yourself and learned how to present yourself. In addition, you became familiar with the specific characteristics of each dance style.

I hope to see everyone at the course who has (secretly) always wanted to do such a thing (all genders). People who want to step out of their comfort zone, but also people who are already familiar with the dance styles and want to gain more experience. The course is suitable for both the beginning dancer and the dancer who is already more experienced.

X offers...

...the chance to develop yourself. To improve your skills, but also to dive into the unknown. This course is a good example of that. X inspires and stimulates new experiences.

For those still in doubt.... Just do it! Take the chance, sign up and try something new!

Lisa van der Hoeven

Dance teacher at X