Workshops & Events

Do you want to organize a company outing or another event? We offer various packages. Not only field rent, but also a completely organised sports day.


Our new facilities are ideal for hosting a wide range of events. Collaborate with us to design an event perfectly suited to your needs, and we’ll make it happen!


Hire of the facilities plus standard event equipment: twenty team bibs, four footballs, four volleyballs and a loudspeaker. Also changing rooms, a table and possible catering.


Create your programme, including our workshop deals. We arrange the facilities, instructors and guidance of participants to the locations. Check out the deals below.*

*Workshop deals: Team-building and sports activities:

Survival (12 people)
Frisbee (20 people)
Lacrosse (20 people)
Salsa (20 people)
Tennis (12 people)
Yoga (20 people)

*Workshop deals: Creative and social

Photography (12 people)
Percussion (12 people)
Ceramic (12 people)
Recording studio (8 people)*

*Rates workshop deals

Nearly all of the deals are offered for a minimum of 1 hour and cost €175 per hour for external participants and TU Delft staff, and €150 per hour for students. *Only the Studio Recording workshop takes at least 2 hours. Upon request, it may be possible to deviate from the stated number of participants and length of workshop. Please ask for the terms & conditions.