Subscriptions and Rates

X subscription

With an X subscription you can participate in all ticket hours without limitation, it provides for free attendance at virtually all events and – on an individual basis – free use of all new facilities! Please note: When ordering a subscription, you need to have a campus card and a valid proof of enrolment.

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Fitness supplement

In order to make use of our fitness facilities, you need the Fitness supplement. This is supplementary to the X subscription, so you will need a valid X subscription as well as the fitness supplement.



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Rates overview
All subscriptions are valid until the end of the academic year
Cat. I Student rates1 12 6 3 1 1w
X subscription 123 85 55 22 6
Fitness supplement 113 78 49 20 5
Cat. II Employee rates2
X subscription
incl. fitness
458 252 138 49 12
X subscription
excl. fitness
271 150 82 30 7
X subscription
off-peak hours3
190 105 58 21 5
Fitness subscription
off-peak hours4
144 84 49 19 4
Cat. III Sports association related non- student, non-TU Delft 5,6
Sports association participation 123
  • Note: All prices are in Euros (€) and include VAT
  • 1. Students rates apply to: all WO and HBO students, PhD TU Delft, IHE Delft and registered partners of aforementioned.
  • 2. Employee rates apply to: employees TU Delft, alumni TU Delft, retired employees TU Delft, affiliated third parties and registered partners of aforementioned.
  • 3. Off-peak hours: during the week from 07:30 to 16:30, on weekends and during the summer period (July and August).
  • 4. Off-peak hours: during the week from 07:30 to 19:30, on weekends and during the summer period (July and August).
  • 5. The sports association non-student non-TU Delft rate only gives access to association activities.
  • 6. If you do not possess a Delft University of Technology CampusCard, you will receive an X-card. In the unfortunate case this card is lost or damaged, a new one can be made for you for the amount of €10.- .

Courses, projects & flexible activities

The courses and projects of the former Unit Sports and Unit Culture are not included in the X subscription; they each have their own registration rate. You do not need an X-subscription to participate in these courses and projects. Flexible activities, such as events, can also be attended without an X subscription. Sometimes flexible activities can be attended free of charge and sometimes they must be purchased. In many cases, non-subscribers pay more than those with an X subscription.



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