Afro Dance Styles is a combination of energetic dance styles that originate in Africa. The style derives from Kuduro, an Angolan dance style that evolved during a period of war, making it quite a ‘hard’ dance style. Besides elements of Kuduro, Afro House also has a softer, more cheerful side, inspired by - among other styles - Pantsula, a dance style developed in South Africa and discovered by Angolan youth on their travels. They were the ones who developed the mixed dance style into the form we now know as Afro House.

During these lessons you will get to know various African styles, such as ndombolo, afrohouse, kuduro, azonto etc. 
You will learn various basic steps which will also be applied in choreographies. 
Everything is danced on African pop music and you will imagine yourself to be on the African continent for a while.

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Dawn Verkerk

Dawn has been dancing hip-hop for about 15 years. She started in hip-hop competitions where she won several titles with her team, including the well-known Kunstbende competition. She then took many hip-hop classes at Global Dance Centre in Amsterdam and performed at various festivals and events. After gaining a lot of teaching experience at local dance associations in Delft (SoSalsa & D.S.D.A. Dynamic), she is now also teaching at X.

Charlene Simaika

Charlene is a professional dancer from South Africa, currently living in the Netherlands. She is passionate about dancing and spreading good vibes. When she is not teaching, she performs at shows as backup dancer for various artist or performs with her group, FROM AFRICA WITH LOVE. Her classes will take you on a warm journey to Africa with vibrant Afro beats and energetic movements. Her motto is dance unites people and opens the door for social development. Dancing is freedom. 

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