Road cycling is a cycling sport which combines explosiveness, endurance and technique. There are several distinct disciplines within road cycling, including time trials, team time trials and mass starts. The sport has become extremely popular in recent years and more and more people are buying racing bikes.

Cycling association WTOS Delft organizes the road cycling training sessions in cooperation with X. You can only participate in the road cycling training sessions as a member of this association. All the training sessions start at the X terrain. Before you get going, everyone is divided into groups according to their ability and the trainer outlines the goals for the session. During a session you’ll usually ride 60 kilometres – from Delft to Hoek van Holland and back again. During the training session, you’ll focus on improving your technique and endurance.

WTOS has made four beautiful cycling rounds for you in the Delft area. They can be viewed via Strava.

  1. Rondje Hoek
    “You’ve not really cycled in the Westland unless you’ve done Rondje Hoek. With greenhouses, dunes, and even one of the famous Delta Works.”
  2. Rondje Rottemeren
    “Probably the most Dutch scenery you can get in this area. Polders, windmills, and the river Rotte.”
  3. Rondje Zuid
    “If you’re studying Civil Engineering, this is an absolute must. Bridges, tunnels, and the newest piece of man-made land in the Netherlands.”
  4. Rondje Lek
    “The road along the river Lek and the road between Schoonhhoven and Gouda are both very scenic to ride. Can be busy on weekends though!”



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

X subscription

Practical Information

All levels
Closed training
You’ll need a membership of the association.
Bring your own swimwear, swimming goggles and a towel.
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