Do you like to spend long evenings with friends, fellow students or housemates? Then a board game can be the ideal way to make this an enjoyable evening. Because you play it with several people, it is the ideal way to get to know your fellow players better. Maybe you will soon be playing a board game of your own creation.

In this course you will learn about game design principles and fabrication of prototypes to design and make your own boardgame.

Led by game researcher and developer Micah Hrehovcsik you will learn about game development methods, game mechanics, balancing and gameplay experience.

After ideating and testing your game you will use the available makerspaces at X and TU Delft Science Centre to develop a high-end prototype of your boardgame.

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Micah Hrehovcsik

Micah received his Master in Art and Technology from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and his Doctorate from Bournemouth University. His field of research and study is in game design and development with extensive experience in designing applied games.

He has been a professional game designer for 18 years and designed games for a wide range of technologies (board games to PC to VR). He is a strong believer in network learning, where knowledge of the group is more important than knowledge of the individual. His style includes short lectures and open discussions.

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