The dance style derived its name from the Indian movie industry Bollywood, a combination of the city of millions Bombay and Hollywood. In Bollywood movies, singing and dancing are essential elements, which tell parts of the story. Bollywood Dance is a blend of classical and folk dance from India, and western styles like R&B and hip hop. Expression is key: in dance, but also in clothing. On the vibrant music, people dance in colourful traditional Indian outfits.

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Bollywood dancing is about enjoying Indian music and expressing its meaning through facial expressions and body language. In this ticket hour, you will be introduced to a new song and choreography every lesson. Bollywood incorporates various dance styles so you will be learning elements of hiphop, bollyhop, belly fusion, contemporary, and more in a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Whether you have performed at dancing competitions, or you have a general fear of dance floors “because you can’t dance”, this is a great class for you to learn and have fun! 

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Nimmi Sreekumar

Nimmi learnt Indian classical dance (bharatnatyam) in India and took Bollywood dance classes all throughout high school. She started performing Bollywood dance at a young age. For the past year, she started to give informal Bollywood dance lessons in Delft that many students joined, which ultimately lead to the establishment of this class. As a teacher, Nimmi’s aim is to create a fun atmosphere where the goal isn’t only to perfect a dance step, but where you also enjoy being in a group and be comfortable in dancing. She encourages individuality and the effort to incorporate one’s own style.


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Practical Information

Ticket Hour
Max. 12 participants
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. The same goes for your shoes, sports shoes are recommended.