The dance style derives its name from the Indian movie industry called Bollywood, a combination of the metropolis of Bombay (Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood dance is a mix of Indian classical and folk dances and western styles like R&B and hip-hop.

Taking his inspiration from TikTok and Instagram reels, teacher Mihir challenges you to take on a new energetic piece of choreography each week. The choreographies are a blend of multiple dance styles with Bollywood as the basis. You learn to groove to all those fantastic Bollywood tracks with the added flavour of various modern styles such as hip-hip, house, shuffle, etc. Mihir's infectious enthusiasm and energy ensures that everyone gets the hang of the choreography, whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer.

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Mihir Mehta

A renewable energy engineer who also loves to dance, Mihir is mostly a self-taught dancer with some training in hip-hop. For him, dance is something very natural that allows him to freely express himself and to just flow, irrespective of what it looks like. For the past three years, he has been dancing for a bollyhop dance crew in Delft, and in the last year he has been focusing on his solo dances and duet dances with his wife. You can follow Mihir on his YouTube channel RMoves.

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