The boomwhacker is a melodic percussion instrument. Boomwhackers are lightweight, hollow, plastic tubes of differing lengths, each with its own colour and specific musical tone. When you hit a tube against something - for example a hand, leg, floor or table - the vibrations produce a sound.

The idea of making music using plastic tubes is not new. In the 1990s, there were so-called junk bands that used waste materials to make percussion music. Plastic tubes were popular because the nature and shape of the material meant that they had their own built-in sound box.

During the ticket hour, we’ll make music together using this fantastic melodic percussion instrument. Each week, teacher Lauriane Ghils will bring a new arrangement of a well-known pop song. Tunes you can expect to work on this quarter include the Super Mario Theme, Hakuna Matata, Africa by Toto, Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Stand By Me.

Boomwhackers are super fun and easy to play. So everyone can join this ticket hour, even if you have never made music before. You’re guaranteed to be able to play one of these well-known numbers by the end of the hour!

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Lauriane Ghils

Lauriane Ghils is a Belgian-Mexican percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and composer based in Rotterdam. Music has been part of her life since the age of 6 when she began learning piano, and her passion grew even deeper when she later discovered South American and West African percussion, singing and the Malian Kamale N’goni. She composes from the age of 13 and brings within her works, strong African and Latin American influences. She currently is part of several projects and collaborates with national and international artists.

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