Cardio Killer is 30-minute tabata training to improve your endurance. Tabata is an interval training consisting of very short and intensive exercises for the large muscle groups.

In this ticket hour Cardio Killer, you'll do exercises using your bodyweight or dumbbells or water bottles. However, it can also be done very well without weight. You will notice that you can go a bit further because your endurance improves every week. A nice bonus is that you stay fit during the ‘intelligent lockdown’ and that you burn the excess pounds you have already built up at home.

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Thaniëlle Ignacia

Thaniëlle completed various sports related training programmes: RPM training in 2008, zumba training in 2010 and GRIT training in 2015. As from 2008 she works at various gyms. As of September 2017 she works at X. During class she pays a lot of attention to the right technique. Also, she wants to convey  the cycling experience.


You need an X subscription for this ticket hour.

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Practical Information

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Wear sports clothes that allow you to move freely and have a towel, dumbells or bottles filled with as weights ready to use. Wearing sports shoes is recommended.

Online: use a (yoga) mat or towel. Grab your dumbbells or use filled water bottles as weights.