Scientific research has shown that meditation has a positive effect on your daily life, health and general wellbeing. You will learn how to cope with stress, it will improve your performance and learns you how to study and work more efficiently. Meditation is a centuries-old technique for expanding the consciousness, for which there is increasing interest today. 

Because we have so many distractions in our daily lives and because meditation is not (yet) a habit, it can be difficult to find the discipline to sit down and commit to it. Meditating with others is a wonderful way to give you that extra little push and to share your experiences afterwards.

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Iris Plukaard

Iris volgde verschillende yoga-opleidingen waaronder een opleiding kinderyoga en een opleiding tot personal yoga coach. Sinds 2010 is ze werkzaam als yogadocent bij verschillende yogastudio’s, sportscholen en X. In 2015 heeft ze daarnaast haar eigen yoga studio geopend. Iris’ Hatha Yoga lessen bevatten veel oefeningen die focussen op ademhaling, ontspanning en het leniger worden door middel van stretchen. Haar Power Yoga is een op fitness gebaseerde uitoefening van Vinyasa, waarbij de beweging synchroon wordt uitgevoegd met de beweging.

Jane Komogorova

Jane has completed the 200 hour Teacher Training given by Robert Boustany and Dorinda Farver in 2018 and now she is following the 500 hour Teacher Training at the same Robert. But that's not all, in her own time she takes many yoga courses, and retreats to make sure she learns more about yoga every day. The Pralaya yoga-lessons of Jane give you some challenging poses that can be adapted to every skill level. The main focus is the reformation of connective tissue, strengthening of weaker muscle groups and lining out your joints.


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Wear comfortable clothes and have a chair or a stool in which you can sit upright with your feet flat on the ground. Of course you can also use a meditation pillow if you have one.
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