Core Stability refers to strengthening the main groups of muscles in the torso through a range of exercises. These muscles are known as your core, and they form the basis from which your body can build up strength in all its other muscles. Core Stability is an extensive training programme designed to strengthen your core, helping to prevent injuries and improve your sporting performance.

The Core Stability lessons focus on training your core, but also your arm and leg muscles. The lesson starts with a warming-up, mainly comprising a range of different lunges. After the warming-up, you start on 2 or 3 blocks of 6 and 12 minutes, in which you alternate between various exercises to train your back and abdominal muscles, and exercises for your leg and arm muscles (e.g. jumps and press-ups). Most of the exercises last between 45 and 60 seconds. The lesson finishes with a cooling down session.

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Henri studied at TU Delft and achieved his certificate for spinning instructor. He has been working at X for quite some time as Spinning, High Intensity Training, Fitness and Core Stability instructor.