Drawing and painting are among the oldest forms of artistic expression we know. They offer room for personal expression and bring creativity to life. In day-to-day life, we mainly use the left-hand side of the brain. This is the side of the brain that deals with practical matters such as language, structure, organising and numbers. But we also have the need to create, think up or develop things. When we draw and paint, we use the right-hand side of the brain and we stimulate our imagination, colour perception and creativity. You do not need to have a special talent; everyone has this ability and it can be developed simply by practising.

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During the course Drawing and Painting: Basics, you will learn drawing and painting techniques related to various movements in art such as Impressionism, Surrealism and Expressionism. You will also have the freedom to experiment with all sorts of materials, such as acrylic paints, ecoline, ink, charcoal and pencil. By the end of the course you will have learned how to work with these materials and you will know more about theoretical and practical skills, such as composition, colour and expression.

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Jeroen Graus

Jeroen studied painting and video arts at the Royal Academy of fine arts in The Hague. He is also educated as a teacher in fine arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy.


Every week at the Open Studio: Fine Arts you can get to work in one of the eight fine arts disciplines. You can work independently on ceramics, fashion design, jewellery design, photography, clay-modelling, pottery, screen printing and, in this case, drawing & painting. You are warmly welcome if you have reached at least intermediate level in your discipline. If you are a beginner, you can take one of the introductory courses for each of the eight disciplines. Interested in finding out what happens every Saturday in the Open Studio: Fine Arts? If so, join the Facebook group.

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Open Studio: Fine Arts


The Open Studio: Fine Arts and events are included in the X subscription.

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Unsupervised practice
Friday from 17:30 until 23:00 and Saturday from 12:00 until 18:00