Illustrating is one of the oldest professions in the world. More professions claim this title, but the old cavemen already knew how important it was to convey information, entertainment and advice in an attractive form, and left the painting of their caves to an illustrator. In this digital century, visualization is more important than ever. So, now it’s our turn!

You don’t need any drawing or painting experience for this course. We do not focus on refining drawing techniques, but on understanding what images in combination with text do. Most importantly, you must be willing to receive an assignment and find it interesting to explore the tension between this assignment and your personal vision. In each lesson, a new theme is covered, such as body language & character, composition, expression, image manipulation, fantasy and storytelling.

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Lies Kindt

Lies Kindt studied Graphic Design at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Akademie and Illustration at the AKI Enschede. After her study, she started her career as a teacher in arts classes and illustration at several schools and institutes in Amsterdam.

Her focus in teaching is on experience, on allowing yourself to be surprised. The result is secondary to the research and the process at all times.

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