Art is constantly evolving and giving birth to new artistic movements. Artists who want to stand out from the crowd seek unconventional art mediums to express their aesthetic principles. You use materials such as paper, fabric, newspaper clippings and decorations and apply mediums such as paint. If you would like to combine different materials and techniques to create a unique piece of art, then sign up now for the course Drawing & Painting: Mixed Material!

During the course, you will create a painting using various materials that are of interest to you. A range of fabrics, wool and yarns are available during the course to give you inspiration. You can also bring any materials that mean something special to you, such as photos, letters or newspaper clippings. Together with the teacher, you can explore the best ways to bring these different materials and textures together to form a whole. In this way you will create a work of art that is unique and personal to you..

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Amber Grothe

Amber is a Dutch social entrepreneur and professional artist. She has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a master’s degree in Holistic Science. She is a sparkly, loving, energetic, colourful artist of life and incredibly on fire about creating art, giving space to creative energy and alternative education. As a teacher, she is able to tend to the unique needs of a group, and guide them in accessing their own deep creative potential.

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