Through the ages, many artists have been inspired by the human body, particularly the face. This has led to a wealth of works, varying widely in style and material. From prehistoric cave paintings and realistic portraits from the Dutch Golden Age to more abstract works by Picasso. Although the works all focus on the same subject, the styles can be very different. People are still a popular subject for contemporary artists; portrait and model drawing has never gone out of fashion.

Every week at the Open Studio: Fine Arts you can get to work in one of the eight fine arts disciplines. You can work independently on ceramics, fashion design, jewellery design, photography, clay-modelling, pottery, screen printing and, in this case, drawing & painting. You are warmly welcome if you have reached at least intermediate level in your discipline. If you are a beginner, you can take one of the introductory courses for each of the eight disciplines. Interested in finding out what happens every Saturday in the Open Studio: Fine Arts? If so, join the Facebook group.

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Open Studio: Fine Arts


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Practical Information

Unsupervised practice
Friday from 17:30 until 23:00 and Saturday from 12:00 until 18:00

During the course, you'll learn the basic principles of portrait and model drawing and painting. You learn to draw the body in all kinds of poses, make quick sketches, create shadow and recognise human proportions. You will use various media during the course, including pencil, charcoal, acrylics and ink. A model (usually a nude model) will be present at almost every lesson. The models will be the source of inspiration for your drawing, but during every lesson you will have the opportunity to experiment with subject, medium and style.

Schedule & enrolment


Merel van Engelen

Merel finished her bachelor in Painting at the Royal Academy of fine Arts in Antwerp in 2012. In 2015, she graduated as Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. As of 2012, she works as an art teacher at various elementary and high schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. As from 2018, Merel teachers the Drawing & Painting: Portrait & Model course at X.