Freerunning is a growing urban sport, in which you move yourself through your environment using gymnastic techniques, such as flips and vaults. In this sport, strength, technique and especially creativity are very important. Although freerunning can be done individually, it is a social sport where you are challenged to rise above yourself.

Freerunning at X originated from student initiative KONG and is practiced on its own. Once a week they train indoors at X. This creates a nice environment to practice and improve on their own.

X and KONG together provide the best and safest possible training and sports environment. Participation in freerunning logically always comes with a certain level of risk though. Participation is therefore entirely at your own responsibility. Be aware of your own possibilities and limits. In doubt? Then ask for help! There are plenty of other athletes present who would like to help you.

Schedule & enrolment

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